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Life Without Facebook

It may be a good idea to start by elucidating a brief insight as to why I left Facebook initially. Don’t get me wrong I think Facebook is an excellent tool and was a must have in the early years of its existence. As time passed and a plethora of other options were developed it meant that Facebook no longer held pre-eminence in my social entourage. Things that were exclusive to Facebook in the past are now attainable via other outlets and its uniqueness slowly deteriorated away to what it I see it as now.

Facebook is a magnificent tool to have in your travel arsenal. It allows you to basically connect with everyone from any computer worldwide. You can connect with new friends and stay in touch with old acquaintances. The amount of times you hear “just add me on Facebook” is probably only eclipsed by the amount of times I hear “sorry, I’m not interested” from the fairer sex. The thing is now the same connections can be made through iMessage or like versions of it, not to mention email and a myriad of other apps like Viber or WhatsApp.

The Five Minute Guide FB cap

The more frustrating aspect of Facebook that drove me over the deactivating edge in December 2012 was the common theme of more and more groups/pages that kept popping up. These are harmless but at one point my whole feed would be filled with these often moronic pages and stories that didn’t help me one iota. In fact, if I hear one more story of how a uniformed soldier helped an elderly lady with her groceries when she dropped them in aisle 5 and then walked with them to the counter, only to find out that her card had been cancelled due to her partner’s gambling habit, which lead to the said soldier forking out his own cash to buy the groceries and carrying them to her car, I was going to be sick.

Let’s not mistake me for a heartless prick, which I often am, but these stories were common. Don’t get me started on advice for the inept telephone service of Vodafone and the embarrassing nightclub photos of sons and daughters looking like they had been born to a cross between an Avatar and Frodo. To see this content day in and day out, as opposed to real moments and stories from my friends was not ideal so I did the Usain… or maybe the Harold Holt.

I felt like one group could have encompassed them all.

The Bro-Code for Embarrassing Nightclub Photos whilst Boss Hunting for Box Gaps.

The 5 Minute Guide Life Without Facebook Embarrasing Nightclub Photos

Over 10 months without the blue header on my screen has been empty. Empty as in, I don’t miss it, I don’t want to go back and I don’t envy those wasting hours a day filtering out the filth that consumes so much on there now.

I use Twitter to catch up on news and connect with friends. I email or text close friends from overseas and I have no other meaningful or acceptable reason to use Facebook anymore. So I don’t.

I haven’t stopped talking with my friends and if there is something important that I need to know about rarely will it be missed due to not having Facebook to keep updated. I do not necessarily need to know every time someone has a bath or is scheduled for the next dentist appointment that they are dreading or that their neighbours are not complying with council regulated sound limits during a Sunday session.

The Five Minute Guide FB

If we step back and ‘appreciate’ what we get from Facebook, I dare say most people would understand where I am coming from. For me, not having Facebook has been as good a filter as anything else I have encountered. That being said, Facebook has one ace up its sleeve that I suspect will make it a giant for decades to come; the majority of people continue to suffer and struggle with a debilitating case of FOMO.

The irony is, you probably found this page through Facebook.


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