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Life’s real 1%

I know, what I know to be true, is true.

With that said, I felt it might be a good time to develop an idea that I have touched on in the past and poked fun at. It is not a novel idea or a complex concept. It is basic perception, well maybe not basic but barely above second level perception. That is assuming there are levels of perception and if there were I would contemplate that there is maybe 5 or 6 but at a maximum 10. So being a level 2 is nothing groundbreaking. It is not upper echelon. It is basic, like I was saying.

1% is not much, it really isn’t. In your bowl of cornflakes you have maybe 100 pieces in there. Just 1 of them is 1%, obviously. That is not a lot of cornflakes. I was thinking about social media, again. It is a topic that I consider and usually mock. I often use it in the ‘wrong’ way. I point out moronic uses and make light of them. Why I think I am different is that I am aware of the imbecilic uses and twist them in my own, lets say charming way. Charming is easily interchangeable with arrogant, rude, unseemly or ‘not in a gentlemanly fashion’. It is not really a personal thing. I just find it very funny how the platforms are utilized and manipulated, usually not in a clever or original way. But it is what it is. Why isn’t it personal? I shall tell you.

The best part is that I usually only follow, like, befriend or otherwise, my real life friends. Those that I have met, I have spoken with them, in real life. I haven’t called up Karl Stefanovic or played cricket with Judd Apatow so I do not need them on facebook. I have not had dinner with Sarah Palin or Rhonda Rousey so I don’t want to see their tweets. There are two precipitous reasons for this. 1. these non-friends of mine are usually just as smart as I am, or you are, so there is not much new content they can give me. There I go with the arrogant thing again. And 2. they have less than a 1% impact or influence on my life so why bother? It is all just noise. I am not sure what colour noise, but just noise. Who gave noises colour anyway? Some indie pop band? Hopefully an 18th Century philosopher. I digressed too much, anyway what I was trying to elucidate was that I only follow real friends so most if not all of my mockery or satire comes from them. Comes from real people who I consider friends, therefore, I think anyway, it isn’t personal. Some are social media friends and others are real world day-to-day friends. It is not personal, just perception, like I was saying.

So this basic, but second level perception I would like to touch on is the 1%. Social media has become so premeditated that it loses any value it once had. That is not true, there are small nuggets of value to harness but they are dwindling too. In any case, the 1% I am avoiding to tell you is, like I mentioned, that posts, tweets, pics, pins or blogs are only ever of the 1% in our lives.

The best sunset photo, the best filter of our ice cream and the best night out group shot during a hilarious moment with white teeth piercing the viewers eyes and skinny arms all over the place. I must admit, I have been flogging the sunset photo recently. I really get no enjoyment out of it and I do not even know why I bother taking the photo. I was contemplating this last week. I would honestly prefer to be condescending and take a selfie of myself running instead of the sunset. The only reason I get the sunset photo is because when I run after work it is along the beach. I should just get shots of my asics and stick them on social media with more vegan hashtags. That would at least make me giggle a little bit.

So if social media is only the best 1% of our lives, wait. There are some funny dudes who post kind of gross stuff that is certainly not the top 1% in our lives who need some credit. You guys know who you are.

So yeah, if it is only the good stuff then we really just get further and further away from the truth. We see the highlights of the highlights. The problem is, we see so many people’s ‘best of’ moments that it just ruins self-esteem or becomes a rat race of the best moments in our lives. This is not really that ideal, especially if you suck at stuff. I’m an unmarried, middle child and don’t own a car. How can I compete with the husband who doesn’t leave the gym and just got new rims? I compete by hand selecting the hottest chick who I have ever seen and had the plums to ask for a photo with, put a photo of her up when I was in an elevator somewhere which has exactly nothing to do with my life or hers. It doesn’t help anyone, especially me. I have to deal with inquiries from my real life friends about who the girl is.

So what, so what if it is only the 1%. Maybe I like focusing on the best things in life.

Well, (pause for dramatic effect), sorry to tell you this, but this 1% is not the real 1% in our lives and therefore leaves us hollow and yearning for more. Why is it so many people click on all those clearly bogus ads or outrageous articles? Top 10 life hacks! How to leverage your property and work your own hours from home! Cmon Man! We all know how to get rich, it is called hard work. We are searching for something more. Let me tell you a secret. I know where the REAL 1% is.

The real 1% is family. The real 1% is a conversation with another human about your thoughts and ideas. The real 1% is visiting your grandmother and letting her live vicariously through you for 5 minutes, even if you think your life sucks. The real 1% is all those things that you don’t have time to take a photo of or you “just cant explain” it because you know why, it is the real 1% (winky face). The real 1% is surprising a parent and taking them out for dinner and a movie.

Havent seen your mum or dad alone for a few months or more? Ask them to dinner for no real reason. Sit down and talk like real life friends. Enjoy a nice meal. Maybe even catch a movie after it. Drop them off at home and thank them for a lovely night and that you should do it again. You have more to be thankful for from your parents than you do screenshotting some new teenage Jenner bikini shot and sending it to your friends.

We go so caught up, so often, so easily. We always plan on doing nice things with people we like. “We should definitely catch up”. It doesn’t usually happen. Isn’t it funny how your closest friends, the ones you choose to be with and enjoy their company, you never need to say those “let’s do coffee” or “drinkies tonight babe” lines? You just do it. You just make time. You dont make plans it just works itself out. You don’t need proof. You certainly don’t need to tell your facebook friends about it. It is the real 1%.

One comment on “Life’s real 1%

  1. Monika
    March 11, 2015

    I enjoyed reading this, thanks! 🙂

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